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YouTube Analytics: How to Use Data to Inform Your Future Videos

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YouTube Analytics: How to Use Data to Inform Your Future Videos

If you want to improve your YouTube channel’s usa phone number list free performance, you need to understand your data. YouTube Analytics is very robust. The plus side of all of this data is you can dive deep into your videos’ performance and understand usa phone number list free what’s happening on a granular level. The downside is all of this data can feel a bit intimidating if you’re not used to it. So let’s break it down. Whether you’re analyzing a YouTube video, a Facebook ad, or your fifth-grade science experiment, data usa phone number list free analysis always begins with two things: An objective and a question.

As a marketer, your objective could be to usa phone number list free generate leads or purchases, grow a retargeting audience, or increase brand awareness. The questions you ask will relate to how you’re going to achieve your usa phone number list free objective. For example, if your objective is to grow a YouTube following for an interior designer, your questions might be:Are people more motivated by frustration usa phone number list free with their current home layout or by visions of their ideal home? Will people respond better to a guide on how to color-coordinate their house or a guide on how to make their home feel more usa phone number list free spacious?


What will encourage more YouTube channel subscribers—a usa phone number list free video that teaches people about the design process or a video that helps them get to know the designer herself? Data analysis helps you identify what your audience does and doesn’t like. You can use YouTube Analytics to usa phone number list free answer your questions so you Cpa Email list can keep what works, ditch what doesn’t, and achieve your objectives What are the primary objectives within YouTube? Video views is the usa phone number list free most obvious one. You made a video so you want people to watch it. You could also have an objective to increase channel subscriptions or engagement, or if you have a monetized account, revenue.


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