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When someone in the company doesn’t know the difference between forwarding and replying to all

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When someone in the company doesn’t know the difference between forwarding and replying to all

The person in charge of receiving e-mails from Customer Service of a company must be highly trained in the use of digital tools. If this is not the case, this could happen that happened in Argentina. “The hilarious error of a company when answering a customer’s claim . ” This is how Armenia Mobile Number List they called Telefe Noticias in the Argentine media and it is correct to describe what happened to a young woman (Fiorella) who bought a product to clean the keyboard of her desktop Mac , but after applying it, she realized that the device already did not work. Armenia Mobile Number List

When he noticed the problem, on May 16, he sent an email to the manufacturer’s Customer Service, Electroquímica Delta, which was listed on the packaging. There he told what happened to see if he could get some kind of compensation. The next day, this answer came: “Claudio, do we play dumb things or do we give you an answer?” . It was obviously not for her. The employee who received the email wanted to forward it to another Brother Cell Phone List employee (Claudio, perhaps a superior), but, in reality, he responded. “Unable to believe what had happened, Fiorella told her friends on WhatsApp the unusual response she received and one of them shared the captures on her Twitter account,” explains Telefe. “When you don’t know the difference between forwarding and replying to all,” Lupita Ramone wrote on the social network and the tweet quickly went viral.

The client said that her idea at the time of making the claim was to know what had happened, explained that there was no indication of expiration date and confirmed that since she used the product, the keyboard stopped working. Fiorella responded to the email received (“I appreciate your response to playing dumb,” he wrote) and demanded that they pay for the keyboard, since he had to buy a new one. “Far from apologizing for what had happened, an engineer asked him in response to the photo of the product and the four-digit code located on the aerosol, ” Fiorella told the Argentine media, to later confirm that if he does not have a satisfactory answer, will complain to Consumer Defense.

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