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Using Facebook Ads to Move Leads Into Sales

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Using Facebook Ads to Move Leads Into Sales

Not many local businesses make direct sales online and us based mobile number they need a way to turn people who’ve never heard of them or those who’ve heard of them but never worked with them into stronger prospects.Rather than depending on prospective us based mobile number customers to search for you or the product you offer, you can use Facebook ads to assume control of your own lead flow. Facebook ads can effectively reach and lead those prospects through the natural buying process every person goes through when they’re considering the purchase of a product or us based mobile number service.

Acquiring leads with Facebook ads begins us based mobile number with your core offer. Depending on how you design your offer, it’ll either bring the largest volume of people or the most qualified (likely to buy from you) people into your pipeline. You can offer a lead magnet or gated content in exchange for us based mobile number someone’s basic contact information such as their name, email, and phone number, thus turning them into a lead you can follow up with and nurture. Your lead magnet offer might be a us based mobile number PDF checklist, guide or template. Your offer can also be a loss leader or a product preview that essentially presents someone with the opportunity to work with you without spending money—


perhaps through a promo code or us based mobile number voucher, a consultation or demo, or a live event. A financial services business Allie works with offers recorded video training delivered via an on-demand webinar. After the training is over, viewers have the option to schedule a call with the financial us based mobile number advisor. She closed several large Cpa Email list accounts in 60 days. Allie herself has had great success with her offer of a 5-day challenge she’s packaged in two different formats: A live version with a start date and end date she conducts via live video inside her Facebook group, and an us based mobile number evergreen version that delivers recorded videos from a past live challenge via an email and text campaign.

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