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Transformers Hits With The Latest Trailer Prior To Its Premiere

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Transformers Hits With The Latest Trailer Prior To Its Premiere

Paramount Pictures shared the final trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight to finalize its marketing strategy ahead of the film’s release in June this year. The video presents knights of the round table, giant robots, among other elements that seem to be derived from a lot of imagination, but that promise to be fun. It is a mixture of elements with great contrast, but only looking to entertain. It should be remembered that the film directed by  Switzerland Mobile Number List Michael Bay and starring Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, in addition to the inclusion of the cast of Anthony Hopkins, and that it includes what was already seen in the teaser trailer released in December. The film director, Michael Bay, has among his personal successes having raised more than 2 billion dollars with four installments of his films, Transformers, being “The Age of Extinction” the one that raised more than one billion, while plans to repeat the feat with the fifth installment in 2017. Switzerland Mobile Number List

Perhaps as a co-brading marketing strategy, Burger King launched a fun? Video where an employee uses the Google Home tool , where to activate it you need to say “OK Google”. In the video, the Burger King employee asks Google’s voice assistant, what is the Whopper burger? The same thing that was already launched online this week, however, the curious thing is Brother Cell Phone List that the commercial will also function as a pre-roll ad on YouTube, a Google company, with which Burger King sought to attract the attention of its consumers using Google and YouTube , since it is unknown if it was a joint strategy. However, it turned out that the company itself had edited its Wikipedia page, which are the main searches for the “Ok Google” command , and that the command described what a Whopper was, which is a concept invented by Burger King.

However, upon realizing the error , users once again changed the Wikipedia definition to call it “The Whopper is the worst hamburger product ..” , that is, it is unknown who edited the content of the page. The error happened a week after it began to circulate on Adult Swim, Spike, Comedy Central, MTV, E! And Jimmy Fallon , so it is not known if the company will cancel its broadcast or if it will make any modifications, since it managed to activate millions of devices throughout the United States.

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