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2 Paid Traffic Strategies

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2 Paid Traffic Strategies

Really the question is: why use paid traffic rather than organic traffic? And for me there are two reasons for that. To validate an idea or a market Organic traffic Because to validate an idea or a market, you can have what is calle for example a minimum viable product , MPV in English, which will allow you to have an offer which is precise. Which is define , addresse to a target and you want to see if this offer works, if there is really a demand, a need behind it. If you have clearly identifie how to speak to your target, for example.

To validate an idea or a market

In this case, if you wait for organic traffic to validate, let’s say you need 1000 people for example to validate the fact that you have a conversion rate of x%, it will be long if you start from scratch. paid traffic Whereas with advertising, you can have those thousand people tomorrow or next week . This will depend on the budget you Sweden Phone Number List are going to define, but it is something that can be done in a relatively short way . And suddenly it really allows you to move forward and take the next step . So that’s one of the advantages of paid traffic over organic traffic, is validating your idea. Amplify something that already works Don’t amplify something that doesn’t work.

Don’t amplify something that doesn’t work

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And when I say it’s already working, that’s really, really important because amplifying something that isn’t working, well, you’re going to be amplifying the negative level of it. It was Warren Buffett who said something like, “ If you’re in a hole the worst thing you can do is dig deeper ”. And that’s really it. If you amplify something that isn’t already working organically, with advertising you’re really going to throw your money away CPA Email List and you won’t get results. You’re just going to validate a little more that there is something something that’s able to have rises to levels much more quickly finally with paid advertising . And always have this organic side that is a foundation , an important foundation of your business. Here I hope it will have helpe you and guide you on the use of paid advertising for your business.

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