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How Do Facebook Page Administrators Respond to the Post

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How Do Facebook Page Administrators Respond to the Post

To Facebook page admins: recently share your Facebook page and say, “ your Facebook page is in danger of being blocked or deleted. Who has complained about your posts, and if you are the real owner of this page, please confirm your account. ” the format in which these posts are known to you ​​will generally appear as notification below. The same information has appeared several times on our Facebook pages and on our organization’s pages. Also, the number of people who contact us about this, and the questions from members of the social media marketing Facebook group , it seems that this type of attack is common to all types of Facebook pages. Therefore, we provide tips on how to respond to this type of post.

The Same Information Has Appeared Several Time

First of all , these types of posts are for the purpose of getting your Facebook password. In a number of our cases, the page we were in charge of Communication Directors Email Lists has been lost. We have removed your name and password and removed you from. The page’s the administrator and used your advertising account to run high-paying ads on your behalf. The general appearance of this type of attack is similar. Ie share your post from any page security or facebook security name page and post. A warning text that your page is about to be blocked. It appears as a normal notification to the page admins. If you look at the Facebook page, you will often see the following. The example below shows that many Mongolian businesses have shared Facebook page posts.

The General Appearance of This Type of Attack

Communication Directors Email Lists

Facebook page closed the text of the post will include a link to the website as a link to restore and confirm your account, and clicking on this link will bring up the following window. The window contains fields for entering your facebook account’s email address and password and a warning that your account will be blocked if you don’t confirm it now . First step: don’t panic, don’t enter your facebook name and password. This is because these types of posts are often fake and are simply attempts to get your facebook id and password.

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