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Compared To The Other Options

You set your goal in this campaign type, for example, turnover or conversion, and Google will start advertising for you based on machine learning. What this campaign type actually does is collect as much data as possible. The algorithm continuously assesses and optimizes performance from different touchpoints, adjusts real-time bids, automatically creates suitable ads, and optimizes it to maximize results. All you need to do as an advertiser to start with this campaign type: Provide Google with your marketing objective Give Google input for ads: text, images, video, and a landing page. Provide Google with an advertising budget.

To The Other Options

Google creates the ads based on your supplied materials. Here too, the optimal mix of advertising material is continuously looked at. Google expects a 30% increase in performance with this new campaign type, making this extremely interesting to test. 2. Google Image Extensions An area where Bing Ads still distinguishes itself from Finland Phone Number Google Ads is the image extensions in Search campaigns. But it probably won’t last long. By adding an image to the text ads you can show more information to your potential visitor. After all, a picture says more than a thousand words. Google itself indicates that there is a 10% increase in CTR. Our first test results show a 25% click-through rate on short-tail keywords. google image extensions Example Google Ads Google Image Extensions 3. Lead form via Google Display Currently there is the option to add a lead form as an extension to Search campaigns.


The Other Options

Google also makes this possible in the Display campaigns Get new leads through Google Display: it’s pretty self-explanatory actually. Instead of a call-to-action to the landing page, you now place a call-to-action to the lead form. A lead form will then open in the ad itself, with pre-populated data from the user’s Google account. You will therefore collect leads via the Google Display ads . The leads then appear in a Google Sheet, after which they can be followed up. Also read: Boost your campaigns with Shopping Showcase ads This allows you to draw attention to your lead forms on a large scale. The question is what the quality of these leads is: every advertiser will have to test this for themselves.

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