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How to Reach the Zero Position of Google Results?

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How to Reach the Zero Position of Google Results?

Have you ever heard of Google’s zero position ? Indeed, it is the new Holy Grail of SEO specialists. Everyone is looking to achieve this position because it guarantees high traffic and a high conversion rate. But what is it concretely? What are the benefits associated with it? What are the strategies to put in place to obtain this position on the Google search results pages? The answers to these questions are in this article. What is position zero on Google? position zero google Also called Featured Snippets, Google’s zero position is a result highlighted on SERP positions and positioned between organic results and sponsored links.

What is position zero on Google?

It has a larger size, and is clearly visible thanks to a frame. It contains a summary of the information that corresponds to the request formulated by the user. For Google robots, it is in a way the best search result that can be offered to Internet users for this query. But be careful, we should not confuse the zero position with the Knowledge Spain Phone Number List Graph, the People Also Ask or the Quick Answers. The Knowledge Graph is a collection of information that Google robots have gathered from their data centers. It usually displays for personalities. But it has no link, and no source is specified. People Also Asks are questions formulated by Internet users and related to the query that was typed.

Coming back to Featured Snippets, they exist in four forms:

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Here too, no link is displayed and no source is cited. Quick Answers are usually sports scores, weather forecasts, calculation results, etc. Google does not display the source from which they were taken. Coming back to Featured Snippets, they exist in four forms: paragraphs : these are the most common. They CPA Email List represent more than 80% of Featured Snippets. They display large text sometimes accompanied by an image that contains a summary they appear most often for queries related to the steps necessary to do something, rankings or even enumerations. Lists usually take the form of bullet points. They account for 11% of Featured Snippets; tables : they generally appear when the query concerns a comparison or prices. They account for approximately 7%; Videos : This is the least common form of Featured Snippets. These are usually YouTube videos that can be played directly from the search results page.

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