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In many cases, the customer journey starts and ends on the same marketplace. This has not gone unnoticed by Google, major social media parties and chat platforms. That is why they also start initiatives and test them with the ‘marketplace model’. Such as Google’s online marketplace, ‘Shopping Actions’, which means that you can now also buy products directly from Google with a universal shopping cart. This model is being tested in the United States and France, among others. It is not yet known when it will be the turn of the Netherlands. But one thing is certain: the e-commerce landscape is slowly but surely shifting towards the marketplace model. A missed opportunity if you are not active on these platforms. What is the right marketplace strategy? As a brand or retailer, you have to think carefully about the best marketplace strategy. Are you starting with an existing marketplace or are you building one yourself? Are you collaborating or do you do everything yourself?

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Are you not starting it for the time being or are you going to offer part of your range on a marketplace? These are all important strategic choices that must be made now if you want to be successful in a few years’ time. Marketplaces change quickly, which makes (technological) knowledge of all kinds of things very important. The right strategy Qatar Phone Number differs per brand and retailer, but there are several things that you should take into account in any case. Also read: What does it cost to sell via Amazon Netherlands? Brand or reseller? The right marketplace strategy depends on whether you are a brand owner or a reseller/reseller of a brand. Brand owners are often protected by the marketplace and are given additional options, such as creating their own brand page and additional ad types.


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An example of this is the Brand Store on Amazon, where you have your own page within Amazon to show your brand story and product portfolio. Amazon brand store marketplace Amazon Brand Store Pricing Policy Price is an important factor when selling on marketplaces. A competitive price and the lowest possible delivery costs help with this. In theory, resellers would stand little chance against brand owners in terms of price, due to the higher margin. Yet we see that resellers are massively present on marketplaces, and often with success. This may be due to the fact that brands are not always able to find their way to marketplaces. For many brands, the advantages do not (yet) always outweigh the disadvantages. For example, brands can be afraid of:

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