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11 Tips to Improve Your Seo on WordPress

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11 Tips to Improve Your Seo on WordPress

In 2018, 32% of sites were create with the WordPress CMS and among them behemoths such as the BBC site, Walt Disney, or the New York Times. Of course, they didn’t settle for just a free theme and basic functionality. For you, we will see today how to optimize the SEO of your site on WordPress in 11 points. Cache management Improve the loading speed of your site by managing the cache. With a plugin such as WP Rocket you will be able to use a CDN , manage the cache and even manage the appearance of elements as they appear on the page, it’s Lazy Loading.

The weight of images

This will really save you a considerable amount of loading time. After you also have free plugins, because this one is paying. In free you will have WP Super Cache , but who will be satisfie with the cache part Argentina Phone Number List of your site. The weight of images Another recurring problem in managing the loading time of your site is the management of the weight of the images . There, a very simple solution is offere to you. This is the imagify.io service , which will go over all the images on your site in a few seconds or minutes to optimize them all without losing quality . Fill in the alt text of the images When importing images to WordPress, fill in the “alt text” box.

Secure your site with HTTPS

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This is where Google will look at what your image is about. Be descriptive , like you’re explaining to someone what’s in the picture. Follow dead links You can monitor your site’s dead links with the “ Broken Link Checker ” plugin, which will notify you when a link is dead on your page. And you can also CPA Email List install the “ Redirections ” plugin to easily redirect pages to each other if the need arises. Secure your site with HTTPS Switch your site to https . I was very reluctant to make a site switch to https when it didn’t collect any secure information, but now. Double check all the checkpoints once it’s set up. Do not use tags There may be exceptions, but overall creating tags will simply add pages to your site that will have internal duplicate content. So unless you know what you’re doing, don’t use tags.

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