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TikTok algorithm

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TikTok algorithm

The following exercise seeks to understand a little more how the Tikor algorithm works . And although we have noticed that the following factors are constantly confirmed, there are some videos that are positioned within the list, in a more personalized way according to user history, device and location. The most important factor for positioning on Tikor is the likes , that is, clicking on the heart The tiebreaker of why a video with more likes is in second place is because a video with fewer likes has more comments Another key factor is the day it was published , that is, as long as it has been published before, it will have a higher positioning 

The next factor is the number of followers , that is, a video can have more likes, more comments or have been published first, but it is better positioned with the creator who has more followers Another factor is your language , that is, the language you configured in your account will be Saudi Arabia Phone Number List displayed first. An additional factor is the amount of videos / content that a titoki produces , regularly a user who generates more content, has a better positioning of his video if he meets the above factors If the sound is original, it will always be positioned first  The rule is broken when the platform marks a video with the ta a video with the least likes comes first and the observed factor is that it was uploaded before the one with the most likes. It is indistinct the positioning if an account is verified or not. 

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We did not find that this factor influences when conducting this analysis  both men and women have a fair game. That is, we do not observe videos of women with lower positions and with a greater number of likes and when this happens, we apply the previous observation  where it CPA Email List  seems that it is paid advertising and is not mentioned. And a similar pattern could be observed to the Google Ads auction, since there are videos of brands with fewer likes and better positioning than those with more likes. Following these places, the order is the same again.

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