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This Way Anhui Mobile Phone Number

Sometimes you are in a flow, you forget the Anhui Mobile Phone Number time and you really get energy from your work. How often do you have this? I less often than I would like. At now all days are even less alike than before. Do you recognize Anhui Mobile Phone Number that? Then I have good news: you don’t have to wait for that flow to return, you can actively work on achieving that flow. I came across violinist Diane Allen’s TED talk. She went Anhui Mobile Phone Number looking for how she ended up in a flow, in order to be able to repeat that.

By itself Anhui Mobile Phone Number

This also proved very practical Anhui Mobile Phone Number during a career switch: you can also use the principle to look for other work. Her approach to flow appeals to me. According to Allen, it’s not just about what you do on the ‘outside’, but Anhui Mobile Phone Number also what your brain does. What is flow? But first, let’s go back to the concept of ‘flow’. It is that optimal state of mind in which you perform your best. You probably recognize these Anhui Mobile Phone Number elements: Loss of sense of time. Things fall into place, it ‘clicks’ and it feels like.

Anhui Mobile Phone Number
Anhui Mobile Phone Number

It goes Anhui Mobile Phone Number

A positive feedback loop. Because Anhui Mobile Phone Number you get positive energy from it, you are motivated to continue, which in turn gives you positive energy. You more or less get flow out of yourself while you are active. If you forget the time because you are reading a good novel, that is passive – so it doesn’t count. I often get into a flow when Anhui Mobile Phone Number I write. It gives me adrenaline and the day flies by. I often get into a flow when I write. It gives me adrenaline and the day flies by. Flow and inspiration According to Allen, you Anhui Mobile Phone Number can train yourself to get into the flow more often.

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