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This Is How Crises Are Managed In Social Networks According To Professionals

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This Is How Crises Are Managed In Social Networks According To Professionals

There are several reasons why a brand or company decides to join social networks, whether it is to strengthen its community, amplify its message, generate more closeness with its consumers or simply increase its presence. However, most have neglected a fundamental aspect: crisis management. In other words, there is no clear parameter on how a situation Iceland Mobile Number List of this magnitude should be addressed. In this regard, the Study of Crisis in Social Networks 2016, prepared by the Merca 2.0 Research Department, revealed that 70 percent of those surveyed do not have a strategy in case of suffering a situation of this type. In addition, 38 percent consider that the response to a crisis should be immediate or at least within an hour (38.7 percent), without forgetting that specialists should respond accordingly, and not only the Community Manager or the Social Media ManagerIceland Mobile Number List

Merca 2.0 consulted the experts Jaime Ramírez and Iván Rocha, from Zimat Consultores, a leading communication consulting firm in Mexico and with experience in fields ranging from the aeronautical industry to the strategic communication of consumer and government brands, to find out how they manage the crises in social media communication professionals. Both agreed on the importance of crisis prevention, for which the different communication channels that the institutions have with their stakeholders must be taken into account, and above all, a comprehensive strategy in which they are clearly established the objectives, the segmentation of the audiences, the messages and the platforms or tools that they decide to use. You must also act quickly and have risk measurement analysis to assess the impact, which can affect both the reputation of the brands and their financial aspect.

Regarding the most common mistakes that companies make when they face a crisis, there is “overreacting and doing nothing or not doing it on time”, according to Jaime Ramírez, leader of the practice of prevention and management of crisis; although “violating the principle of transparency, not conducting adequate listening during the development of the crisis and ignoring the dynamics of the different social networks” also represent other serious failures. As for the correct path to take to properly manage a crisis, it is worth highlighting “attending to those affected and having all the information about the Brother Cell Phone List situation”, which also serves to understand and measure the seriousness of the problem. Finally, although cyberbullying has ceased to be a trending topic, it does not mean that the crisis has been overcome since, once the problem is addressed, it will also be important to assess the damage and, above all, begin a “period of in-depth analysis and decision-making to prevent, in addition to documenting the case and establishing constant listening with quarterly analysis and information cross-checking with other areas of the companies, ”said Iván Rocha, leader of the digital communication practice.

Having the help of experts guarantees correct crisis management, because sometimes the solutions are not always intuitive, but rather respond to a different logic than the daily management of social networks. Zimat Consultores, for example, has a team of more than 90 professionals in different branches of communication, in addition to also innovating by developing the concept of Total Communication that guarantees consistency in the message and the achievement of successful strategies, which It makes sense considering that for Internet users, social networks currently represent a channel in which they can attend to their demands, and not only find out about advertising or promotions of a brand.


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