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They accuse Facebook of exposing information of minors to potential advertisers

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They accuse Facebook of exposing information of minors to potential advertisers

With the migration of advertising from the main brands to social networks, Facebook has been able to capitalize on it, since it is one of the main channels of communication and strategy development, and it is that in 2016 the income of the social network in advertising they were Australia Mobile Number List for 26 thousand 885 million dollars. An investigation by Wired showed that Facebook offered potential advertisers in Australia information about children under 17 years of age, where the company offered “the opportunity” to reach 6.4 million young users, and even pointed out that some profiles had psychological vulnerability, that is, “Insecure, worthless, stressed, anxious and defeated.” Australia Mobile Number List

Although the “potential advertiser” was not revealed, it was demonstrated the ability of Facebook to orient the message that brands could handle towards the younger segment, in addition to tracking messages and user emotions . Although Mark Zuckerberg’s company promised an investigation into the analysis, the truth is that the market investigation did not follow the protocols, such as seeking consensus, reporting to senior managers, among others. Likewise, it is not the first time that Facebook examines “psychological information” of its users, since in 2011 it carried out an experiment where it manipulated the emotions of almost 700 thousand users , when it modified the news to show random users more positive or negative content, and the results were published until 2014, causing social criticism.

According to the weekly The Australian, Facebook has already eliminated part of its psychological perceptions from its database, while non-profit organizations in the United States, Europe, Brazil, even Mexico require Mark Zuckerberg to explain how he prepared the document. For Brother Cell Phone List privacy advocates like the American University, Facebook is now already monetizing moods . In addition, the Children’s Privacy Protection Act, in the United States, prohibits “companies.com” from collecting data from children under 14 years of age , as well as avoiding deceptive practices by companies. The new Facebook scandal comes when European authorities seek to pass a law in which they fine up to 50 million euros to companies that do not respect the privacy of Internet users, or even extract their personal data for advertising purposes.

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