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These Ceos’ Tips You Should Know To Manage Stress

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These Ceos’ Tips You Should Know To Manage Stress

Figures from the Ministry of Health (SSA) highlight that work stress adds to the pressures experienced by professionals on a daily basis, since 40 to 43 percent of the Economically Active Population suffers “work stress” in Mexico. Although stress is part of everyone’s job at some point, the truth is that it becomes negative when it cannot be controlled and affects the NETHERLANDS MOBILE NUMBER LIST lifestyle of the professional, however, these CEOs have techniques to reduce stress, even when the workload is too great. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, “Face it head-on.” Jeff recommends that if the source of your stress is something that is being ignored, confront it, as not taking action will cause you to lose control over it. When Bezos has a problem like this, he “makes a call or a message” to solve it “as soon as possible.” Plus, it dramatically reduces any stress that might come along. Netherlands Mobile Database

Oprah Winfrey, “Work It Out Peacefully.” According to Oprah, it is best to solve problems before they grow, quietly or during a shower, a cubicle, reading or walking, and she concludes that it always works. Susan Wojicki, CEO of Youtube, “Take a break.” The YouTube director recommends walking and thinking about the problem that generates stress, since only then do you get “good ideas” while taking time off. Arianna Huffington, “Get More Sleep.” For the founder of the newspapers that bear her surname, an effective day begins the night before, so sleep is a priority, because upon waking up the feeling will be that you are perfectly capable of handling “anything”.

Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder of Twitter, “You have to exercise.” The co-founder of the social network recommends tackling stress with exercise and morning workouts, as well as walks outside the office. Make Brother Cell Phone List sure to wake up daily at 5.30 in the morning and take breaks during the day to walk. Slava Rubin, founder of Indiegogo, “Find your balance.” For Rubin, meditation is a “natural medicine” to combat stress, as he considers business life as “very hectic”, which can lead to ups and downs. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, “Plan Ahead.” For Cook, when faced with any stressful problem, he seeks to take it up in another way, as if it were “a beginning”, since if the tasks exceed, he even schedules his weekly to-dos for a Sunday night.

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