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How to Use LinkedIn: The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide

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How to Use LinkedIn: The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide

LinkedIn is the world’s leading business network, with more than 800 million members. Twenty-five percent of adults in the U.S. regularly use LinkedIn. global LinkedIn users Source: LinkedIn LinkedIn was created to help with career development, allowing users to connect with colleagues, business partners, and potential employers or employees. But, LinkedIn is no longer just a job search engine. In the last few years, LinkedIn has emerged as an essential marketing tool for businesses, brands, and individuals. We highlighted this growth in our recent look at marketing trends. If you’re starting a business or running an established small business and looking to increase your revenues, brand awareness, and generate new leads, you should not overlook LinkedIn in your marketing strategy.

What is LinkedIn marketing?

What is LinkedIn marketing? LinkedIn marketing uses the LinkedIn social network to make connections, generate sales leads, increase brand awareness, build business partnerships and relationships, share content, and drive traffic to your business website. Here’s what Ukraine Phone Number List your small business needs to know about marketing your company on LinkedIn. 5 strategies on using  LinkedIn for marketing: Networking Meet your target audience where they are Improve marketing strategy based on data LinkedIn advertising Leverage your employees’ LinkedIn profiles 1. Networking Many marketers, especially B2B (business-to-business) marketers, use LinkedIn to start and create partnerships and collaborations. Do you want to connect directly to decision-makers? Over 46 million of them are on LinkedIn.

5 strategies on using LinkedIn for marketing:

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Do you need to pitch your start-up to C-Suite execs? Over 10 million C-level executives are on LinkedIn. When it comes to specific target audiences, including entry-level professionals, influencers, or veteran decision-makers, nearly everyone you want to target is on LinkedIn. LinkedIn best practices for networking Complete your LinkedIn profile Credibility is critical in social media. You don’t want your profile to look CPA Email List amateur or  provide filler information. This only makes your profile feel cluttered and disjointed. Want a free brand review? brand identity grader hero Answer 5 short questions and we will send a custom report with actionable insights and specific actions you can take to build a stronger brand. EMAIL ADDRESS brand-identity-grader-landing-page true Optimize your LinkedIn profile For networking to be effective, you want people to find you when they search on LinkedIn.

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