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“The three fundamental pillars in sustainability for HP are the planet, the person and the community”, C. Roa (HP)

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“The three fundamental pillars in sustainability for HP are the planet, the person and the community”, C. Roa (HP)

Originally, LinkedIn was conceived as a network for mobile number user name list managing labor connections ; Over time, it has evolved to become the reference platform for those professionals who want to be informed and hear the opinions of the leaders in their sector. mobile number user name list Many CMOs use the many possibilities that LinkedIn offers to reach a specialized audience, share personalized content and interact with professionals from different sectors. This is a great opportunity for all marketers , because it allows them to learn from the best, through their examples and experiences, and be at the forefront of the latest trends and advances in the mobile number user name list industry.

LinkedIn is pleased to present a series of conversations with some of the most relevant CMOs on the Spanish scene. mobile number user name list The first guest is Catalina Roa, HP CMO for Spain and Portugal. With a degree in Marketing and Communications, with a specialization in Social Media Marketing and S-Commerce at IE Business School, Catalina Roa has been working in the Information Technology sector for more than sixteen years. In 2018 he accepted his current position and faced the May transition challenge of his mobile number user name list career : leaving B2B to focus on B2C. From this perspective, we spoke with her about the current challenges of a CMO.


The post-pandemic: facing the new rules mobile number user name list of the game The pandemic has made a drastic change in our lives. Overnight, everything changed. Of course, marketing was no exception; in fact, it has been one of the industries most affected by the dystopian situation that we have mobile number user name list experienced. For Catalina Roa “ cpa email list there has been a total change in three fundamental aspects: first, in the way of communicating, which must be much more specific and respond to specific and local geographic and social situations ; second, in what consumers mobile number user name list want,

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