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The Tarta de Santiago reinvents itself

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The Tarta de Santiago reinvents itself

The Tarta de Santiago is an omnipresent classic of how do i call a number in germany Galician gastronomy, although it is increasingly common to see reinterpretations of all kinds: ice creams, yogurts, liqueurs, coulants or infusions, the possibilities it offers are how do i call a number in germany unlimited The Tarta de Santiago is a classic of Galician gastronomy that, in the case of the capital, has become totally omnipresent, although always with its traditional recipe: almonds, sugar, egg, a coating of icing sugar and the how do i call a number in germany Cruz de la Order of Santiago.

This sweet has its own Protected how do i call a number in germany Geographical Indication (PGI), which establishes that the almond must represent at least 33% of the total weight of the dough, like the sugar, while the egg must be 25% or more. Depending on the recipe, the traditional tart can include lemon how do i call a number in germany zest, as well as sweet wine, brandy or bagasse schnapps and of course icing sugar for the topping. Over the years, more and more reinterpretations of this classic emerge: the Tarta de how do i call a number in germany Santiago can be tasted in the form of ice cream, “coulant”, yogurt, cream, with a spoon … the possibilities are endless.


The Coulant de Tarta de Santiago de Pampín how do i call a number in germany Bar (Assigned). One of the non-traditional elaborations of this typical sweet is the “coulant” of Tarta de Santiago, one of the most popular being that of the Pampín Bar, a restaurant located in the San Pedro neighborhood and directed how do i call a number in germany by Alén Tarrío. “It is an Cpa Email list idea that I had already seen in other cooks, but I developed my own recipe : it has an almond base, just like the Tarta de Santiago, but formulated differently so that it creates structure and reminds of the traditional one, although much juicier”, how do i call a number in germany he explains Tarrío in an interview with Quincemil .

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