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The steps that brands must follow to improve engagement from their apps

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The steps that brands must follow to improve engagement from their apps

User experiences are crucial to the success of an application, so poor design can alienate groups of consumers. The ideal thing is to offer more functions, without falling into an application with complicated functions. According to YEC, there are designs that hook consumers Bahamas Mobile Number List with a brand, and it listed the types of design that design in apps. Develop conversational interfaces. Interfaces of this type will not replace the more traditional touch, but for some types of applications, the conversational approach is “more natural”, since they are a great way to integrate your application with the platforms that users already know, such as Slack. , Facebook Messenger and WeChat. Bahamas Mobile Number List

Improve customization options. A custom interface must have a purchase history, have a user profile, as it can improve interest and ease of use. An easy example is the size of the font, since some consumers may be adults and not exactly young people. Pay attention to small “touches”. Details that can have real and unique impacts on both your user experience and your brand. The way an icon is animated when the user taps is an opportunity to show the personality of the application, since if a user likes the app they will have a positive impression for a long time.

The 80/20 rule. Mobile apps have fewer screen properties and mobile users have very short attention spans, so the brand must find 20 percent of its message and the capabilities that provide 80 percent of its effectiveness, which is then you can include in the app. Focus on integrations. It is almost impossible for an application to do everything that a user needs. That is why integration with complementary services is essential for any app that strives for user engagement and loyalty. Ideally, start by identifying and integrating complementary services that allow your users to do more, as the goal will be to provide a “seamless” experience from start to finish.

Look for minimalism. There are applications that have dozens of features, however, the more they have, the more difficult it becomes to navigate through the application and find what you are looking for. Whatever the application, it should be easy to understand, as all added features should be hidden under appropriate categories, where users can easily find them. Use the correct typeface. Typography can make the difference between a great consumer experience and a bad experience, so the text in the app should not be too long or too small, and the low contrast text should not be used, and that will return to the application. more accessible.

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