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The Secrets of YouTube Marketing Revealed

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The Secrets of YouTube Marketing Revealed

f I told you that YouTube has a ‘Science & Technology’ united kingdom phone category, a ‘How To’ category, and an ‘Education’ category, can you begin to see the possibilities? Whether you work for a high-tech company, a hardware store, or a university, you might want to learn united kingdom phone more about using YouTube to publicize your operation. Why YouTube Marketing? Because YouTube is all about video broadcasting. And videos are perfect for showing technical equipment, demonstrating a united kingdom phone procedure or giving parents of prospective students a virtual tour of the campus.

Videos can even show a “talking head” touting the united kingdom phone benefits of any product or service. Just like a TV commercial. But you have up to 10 minutes to make your case, not 30 seconds. And it won’t cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is not your father’s TV. It’s not 97 million Americans watching the Super Bowl on one channel on one day and seeing whatever ads the station united kingdom phone selects, whether they want to see them or not. This is 400 million people worldwide actively seeking information on an estimated 6 million to 9 million YouTube channels every month. united kingdom phone Yes, I said millions of channels. And watching what THEY want to see.


As of 2009, approximately 100 million united kingdom phone Americans watched about 6 billion videos on YouTube each month. Americans performed more than 2.9 billion searches on YouTube every month. In fact, YouTube accounted for 79% of all US visits to 60 online video sites in 2009. Google Video was #2, with aunited kingdom phone  market share.Improve your marketing confidence and accelerate your career. Get advanced marketingtraining and support in the Social Media Marketing Society! What Businesses Can Do on Cpa Email list YouTube Remember, social media is about monitoring and participating in the conversations about companies, products and services. And finding evangelists united kingdom phone and influencers who can help you build your business.

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