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The Next Step Is To Improve

I’ll tell you why you should definitely do this, regardless of what business you’re in, and how to make such a webinar a success. The conversion rate of webinars is very high. Compare that with the conversion on your website and you generally have a difference of 50%. Let that sink in for a moment… 50%! What is a webinar? The word ‘webinar’ is a compound of the words ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. It’s a seminar on the web. A presentation with spoken text as accompaniment. As a viewer, you can often only participate if you have received a personal invitation.

Next Step Is To Improve

You often sell via webinars to people you have already reached through another marketing channel. Furthermore, a webinar is an interactive live broadcast of 60 to 90 minutes during which knowledge transfer takes place. It is often South Africa Phone Number used by schools as an educational tool, but it is also used remarkably by entrepreneurs to sell their service, product or idea. And for good reason. Who is it suitable for? Selling via webinars is possible in both the B2B and B2C markets. For example, many coaches give B2B webinars to sell their 1-on-1 coaching sessions or memberships. And I remember a webinar from a real estate agent with tips for starters in the housing market. After the webinar, an offer was made to all viewers to buy a book full of starter tips. Of course at a ‘reduced’ rate. What do you think?


Step Is To Improve

I bought the book. Just like many others with me. In a webinar you sell your product, service or idea, but that’s not how you pitch it. You pitch it as a transformation for the lives of your viewers. Selling via webinars The organisation With the mentioned conversion rate, your interest has probably worked by now. But you don’t organize a successful webinar off the wrist. There is a certain structure behind it. A good webinar consists of three parts: Creating visibility and awareness The invitation and the friendly reminders A successful sales story I will mainly take you through the last part: a successful sales story. With this you ‘suck’ the viewer into the webinar to ultimately present your offer to him or her.

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