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The island

was required to look up my old Swedish china phone numbers sms social security number for reasons that are irrelevant to explain right now. I searched and rummaged through boxes, folders, and files stored at the bottom of all the cupboards likely to be treasure-size holders. We would be talking about four decades ago. china phone numbers sms Finally, and because houses are finite after all, I found what I was looking for. In this case it was a box in which there were many writings interspersed between notebooks, textbooks in English or Swedish from my time at the university, there in Stockholm and china phone numbers sms Uppsala. But among them there was a folder that caught my attention more than the rest. He called himself ”

Memories must be summoned, drawn china phone numbers sms back to the present from the most remote places, from the most unfathomable caverns, where they are coiled in the most inaccessible convolutions of our brain. Objects, for example, play a very important role in making them emerge. They china phone numbers sms are like memory floats. They attract them to the surface. I am referring, of course, to those objects that are capable of surviving in time in a more or less neat way. They need to be at your hand at all times, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Photos, books, china phone numbers sms letters tucked between books,


Other times, memory does incredible china phone numbers sms things and leaves us indelible memories that apparently are useless and on the other hand, it temporarily forgets some others that could be more important. To the first category belongs that personal Swedish number that I Cpa Email list was eager to find, which china phone numbers sms I was certain I knew by heart. And so it was: Bingo !; I had it burned into my head. To the second category belongs that folder with poems that once rediscovered my first reaction, I china phone numbers sms am not going to deny it, it was of surprise mixed with tender incredulity; taking over t

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