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The Brands That Have The Best Interaction With Their Consumers

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The Brands That Have The Best Interaction With Their Consumers

The 80 percent of customers who have interactions with their favorite brands are willing to buy that brand again, so some companies create online communities to share experiences with their Israel Mobile Number List consumers, according to an analysis Inside Markets Also known as “brand communities,” companies fuel consumer loyalty. The 49 percent of companies with online communities generate savings of 25 percent annually, while obtaining information about new products, services or features. Israel Mobile Number List

Sephora Beauty talk. Sephora keeps its customers loyal to its brand with its “Beauty talk” community, with massive forums, where users ask questions and share ideas, as well as upload photos of themselves using the products, making them brand ambassadors, while the brand’s marketing teams research and fine-tune products. Lego Ideas. The Lego community can be used by people ages 5 to 95, where brand consumers can review proposals, vote for new products, leave comments and submit their own ideas. The most popular ideas are taken into account by the brand, meaning this community not only provides market data, but also helps keep people interested in Lego contests.

Traditional Medicinals. This brand of herbal tea offers its enthusiasts an online space, where they can browse DIY ideas, recipes, herbal flavors. While it is not a forum as such, the site is designed for consumers to read or review some tea. My Starbucks idea. The company offers a forum for coffee enthusiasts to share and discuss their ideas so that you can look Brother Cell Phone List through someone else’s ideas, vote, and share comments. This type of environment makes customers feel valued, while the brand uses the forum to learn what customers want. Xbox Ambassadors. Branded as an “advanced brand community”, Xbox manages to bring together the most devoted of video games here, since to belong, people must have a minimum of gamescore and an Xbox Live Gold membership. The ambassadors offer a support network for gamers as well as for the technical support of video game development brands.

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