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The Advertising Options Are Slightly

I spoke to Irma Doze , owner of AnalitiQs and an expert in Customer Intelligence & HR Analytics. Irma is also a teacher for various training institutes and co-author of the book HR analytics: Creating value with data-driven HR policy. “Trends are changing and that certainly applies to HR and analytics. For example, I see that in 2022 topics such as inclusion, equality and diversity are hot topics . These themes – which are part of the employee experience – are seen as very important by companies. For that reason, there is also a need for specific data, in which we look, for example, around inclusion at equal pay for men and women and whether people feel at home within an organization. We use a method that guarantees anonymity without losing control over data.

Advertising Options Are Slightly

Completely anonymous in other words. Whereby neither we nor our client have any insight into who answered what.” Measuring the (digital) employee experience. “In 2022, the demand for measuring the employee experience, and within it, inclusion and diversity, will increase. This can be about hard values ​​(a pay gap analysis), but more often Latvia Phone Number about the ‘soft’ side. By keeping an operational constant finger on the pulse, you can measure the well-being of the employee on a weekly or monthly basis. Practical apps are now available for this. How does the employee feel, now that they mainly work from home? What about involvement, do you still feel part of the team, now that you only meet colleagues virtually?


Options Are Slightly

For the selection of employees it is important to consider which factors are important to be successful and which data you need. Another important topic on the 2022 agenda is recruitment. Companies rely on data to explore the market, to look for new talent. But although everyone recognizes the importance of good recruitment, I don’t see a change on a lot of ‘careers’ pages. While the marketing department a/b tests everything and focuses on the best keywords, this rarely happens in recruitment. For the selection of employees it is important to consider which factors are important to be successful and which data you need. Only then can you make a good prediction whether a new employee will still be working for you in a year’s time and whether they will receive a positive assessment.

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