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The 5 keys you should know for a good video marketing strategy

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The 5 keys you should know for a good video marketing strategy

In the latest YouTube report , it was revealed that more than one billion hours of content are consumed daily in the world , including music videos, bloggers and daily videos, or live broadcasts, coupled with the fact that Instagram has more than two billion of users, who consume photos, filters, stories and video marketing. The video marketing is marketing formats more EL Salvador Mobile Number List yesteryears, in 2008, when the founders of Dropbox released a video explaining how the program worked, and as a result went viral and the program was downloaded by millions at the time. However, now the use of this marketing tool has diversified, so among its different modalities for which functions the following stand out:EL Salvador Mobile Number List

According to Markets Inside, sending video-ads by mail can cause clicks to increase by up to 583 percent, which is still impressive for any company or agency, however, it is important to keep the videos short, no more than two minutes, and include them at a certain time of day, when viewers pay the most attention. Since 2013, the viewing of video marketing on mobile devices has increased more than 233 percent, among gadgets, cell phones and Brother Cell Phone List wearables, although potential consumers always prefer to watch videos from their cell phones, which has increased 33 percent only on mobile phones. The public is more attracted to the live streaming of services such as Facebook Live or Periscope, since netizens pay three times more attention to a live broadcast than to a video recorded on the same platforms. This represents an opportunity for brands to reach or identify their potential consumers, based on their metrics.

The use of video marketing helps users to make subsequent decisions, that is, 90 percent of users say that demo videos help to make decisions, as brands can create “goodwill” by helping customers to fix postures. In 2015, brands hardly did video marketing tests, however, it became an immediate advantage for companies, when they noticed that 81 percent of social media users saw more video marketing during 2016, than during 2015. Although this practice is no longer so cutting edge, statistics show that it is still a “safe” advertising format.

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