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That Level Uganda Phone Number

This means that the Uganda Phone Number original perspective on the data disappears completely from view if you don’t lookout. Also read: Introducing a new working method in your organization? Use personas Focus on underlying Uganda Phone Number drivers and motivations of customers Focusing blindly on demographic data is an example of this. Based on customer data, you might say that 70% of the people who buy a particular Uganda Phone Number product are white men over the age of sixty, with an average income. And that half of them drive a Peugeot. This can then become the basis of a persona.

That Uganda Phone Number

But does that Uganda Phone Number help you? Shouldn’t you then look at the why, at the underlying motive and the use? And doesn’t that perspective help us to think ‘openly’ about customer groups and simply reproduce ‘certainties’? Perhaps some of the men in using the product or in its attitude and behavior are more in line with a Uganda Phone Number completely different demographic segment. Therefore, always compare the different perspectives, be critical and dare to make choices. Because, as Boudewijn wrote in his earlierUganda Phone Number article: ‘fact-based’ is not by definition ‘judgment-free’. When reproducing categories, prejudices often creep in too. Fact-based is not by definition ‘judgment-free.

Uganda Phone Number
Uganda Phone Number

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For the reproduction of Uganda Phone Number prejudices. The art of leaving out So a strategy for dealing with diversity in the representation of your customers is to be selective in what you show in a customer profile or persona. We often Uganda Phone Number think of a persona as a real person. Of course, that’s because the purpose of a persona is to evoke empathy and identification. But that also works well without a photo, without Uganda Phone Number a gender, and certainly without an ethnicity or religion. So be selective with demographic segmentation, even if it might give you a sense of security.

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