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How to Make Your Team Work From

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How to Make Your Team Work From

The epidemic situation across Australia is gradually improving. Australian businesses have also gradually started sending employees back to the office over the past few weeks. But as many employees have been working from home for the past six months, more and more employees and companies may be making work from home the norm.

How to transition from an office environment 

Here are some work-from-home tips to help you or your employees be more productive at home:

  • Notify your partner, family or roommate of your work hours.
    Give them a gentle reminder before an important meeting that requires extra quiet time. Remember to be patient and forgiving as they are also adjusting to a new environment.
  • Check that your team has access to all the tools they need to accomplish their responsibilities.
    In our own team, we ask all employees to bring home their tools, such as argentina phone number online laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, chairs and even desks. Depending on your business type, your team may also need online communication tools to communicate and collaborate.
  • Create a work from home policy that your team accepts and agrees to. This policy needs to be put in place to ensure that company employees meet their job obligations, set performance expectations, and adhere to IT and security protocols.

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A home office environment

  • Share Work in Progress (WIP) updates with colleagues to ensure transparency among everyone. All of our teams have a separate WIP who fills in daily with all updates, work results, issues encountered and critical tasks.
  • Set up daily meetings to help everyone stay connected!
  • It is recommended that all teams have a video conference at 9am to discuss WIP documents. CPA Email List Not only does the morning meeting keep all employees on the same page in the business and keep work in order, but it also gives everyone a chance to chat and have fun. While working from home has many benefits, it can also feel lonely. Say hello to your colleagues before the day starts!
  • Find something interesting to share. For many people, switching from the office to WFH is not voluntary. Have some fun to keep you motivated and fighting. We need it now more than ever! Our teams show each other what their work-from-home day is like every now and then. There are so many interesting things to share.

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