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Supercharge Your Small Business Marketing: How to Market to the Social Media Generation

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Supercharge Your Small Business Marketing: How to Market to the Social Media Generation

Imagine using the internet since your hand was large enough to hold a mouse, and you can’t remember a time before MySpace or Facebook. Imagine you’re part of a generation that makes up most of the voting population and workforce. The social media generation doesn’t need to imagine these things. This is their reality. Six years ago, Millennials overtook Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation. And, their unique approach to buying (not to mention their spending dollars) impacts how we market. So how can businesses reach this vital group of consumers? Traditional advertising is not the way to go. Matthew Tyson reports: Only about 1% of millennials claim that a compelling ad influences them. The rest are almost naturally skeptical of advertising.

Good design matters

They think it’s all spin, so they don’t bother paying attention. It only makes sense when considering how many ads they’ve been exposed to. Promotions just become untrustworthy white noise. So, if ads are out, what’s in? Michael Brenner explains: Everyone wants millennials’ attention, loyalty — and ultimately, their dollars. Earning those takes consistency and consideration. I found that content marketing is at the heart of both of those keys to success with this generation. In other words, you need to learn how to write for and market to the social media generation. “But, wait a minute,” we hear you say… “Millennials don’t read! They have short attention spans, and they can’t be bothered.” Forget everything you think you know about the social media generation. Millennials do read. A Pew study found that the 18-29 year age group read more books per year than any other age group reported. But they read differently. In addition to reading books, the social media generation reads electronic media.

Share authentic content

Tons of electronic media. Social media: if you want to reach Millenials – that’s where you need to be – providing content for the social media generation right on their home turf. But not just any content. Quality content targeted to millennials. Are you ready to take your business marketing to the next level? Here’s how you can effectively reach Millenials. Want a free brand review? brand identity grader hero Answer 5 short questions and we will send a custom report with actionable insights and specific actions you can take to build a stronger brand. EMAIL ADDRESS brand-identity-grader-landing-page true Good design matters The social media generation grew up with the Internet. They’ve been viewing websites their entire lives. It’s effortless for them to quickly determine if your website design is not up to par. Inklyo, online writing experts share, Online content marketing tycoon Hubspot reported that Internet users judge the aesthetic value of a website in as fast as one-fiftieth of a second. That snap impression is particularly influential on Millennials, who, according to Millennial Marketing, will actually reject quality content if the visual effect is poor.

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