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Strong Seo Tag: Usefulness for Your Seo

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Strong Seo Tag: Usefulness for Your Seo

The use of the strong tag in SEO in the content of your pages is essential for it to be well understood by Google robots. It is essential for your pages to rank well in search results base on the keywords you would like to rank for. But what are the roles of the B, Strong and em tags? What are the mistakes to avoid when using a strong tag in SEO? The answers to these questions are the substance of this article. What are the B, Strong and em tags used for? B, Strong and em tags are used in HTML5. They play different roles: the B tag: it allows you to bold the word or expression that is placed between its opening and closing tags.

What are the B, Strong and em tags used for?

It is use to focus the reader’s attention on a specific part of the content; the Strong tag: it was also use to put certain parts of the texts in bold. But the result was not the same on all browsers. Indee, some of them actually displayed bold characters while others displayed underline characters. So many people started using B tags Albania Phone Number List instead to bold the parts they want in their content. But this is not a good thing to do, because the Strong tag also plays a structuring role. Indee, it makes it possible to make a stronger emphasis on a portion of a text. In fact, using or <strong> is interpreted the same way by Google’s crawlers, so it doesn’t matter whether you choose one over the other.

Mistakes to avoid when using a strong tag for SEO

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To learn more about the difference between the strong tag and the B tag in terms of SEO, watch this explainer video by Matt Cutts: the em tag: it is a tag that allows you to put emphasis. In other words, we use it to mark a text on which we want to emphasize. They can be neste to several degrees, and each degree CPA Email List corresponds to a higher level of emphasis. This is how you put a passage in italics. Mistakes to avoid when using a strong tag for from the same lexico-semantic field as your keyword. Because it is harmful to your SEO. But that’s not all ! Also mark up words and expressions that are from the same lexical and semantic field as the main subject of your page. That is, put said words and phrases in Strong or B tags. But don’t overdo it.

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