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The Storage of Personal Data

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The Storage of Personal Data

These apps should also show a similar pop-up. If you, as a marketer, advertise via these platforms, you will therefore have to provide backup tracking. And it will (eventually) affect ad performance. Make no mistake: your organic content will also suffer Ultimately, your organic content will also suffer from this pop-up from Apple. The reason is quite simple: if many people block the tracking, Facebook’s artificial intelligence will be less and less able to estimate whether people indeed like the messages. Whichever way you look at it, the algorithms are largely based on people’s behaviour. So it will be more difficult to measure this. This could even lead to less relevant content in the timeline, so that people might use Facebook less. Wait. No more remarketing by iOS14? Yes and no. People get a pop-up on their iOS device where they can choose to unfollow Facebook.

Storage of Personal Data

Eliza sees an ad with her favorite pair of shoes and decides to click. It’s such a great offer that she immediately mobile. She settles the bill and the next day Venezuela Phone Number she walks around in her new shoes. Amazing, right? For the shoe store marketer, it’s a different story. Because Eliza indicated with the iOS 14 update that he no longer wanted to be followed, the sales, the (mobile) website visit and even the interaction with the ad could not be measured by Facebook. The marketer therefore does not know how many conversions the ad has caused, but perhaps even worse: neither does Facebook. This makes it a lot more difficult for Facebook to optimize campaigns. There is a lack of essential data.


Personal Data Storage

Nevertheless, this drastic change does not immediately mean the end of remarketing via Facebook or Instagram. The browser pixel events via the website will still be sent (provided your visitors do not use an adblocker). And also CAPI ( Conversions API ) events will be sent to Facebook. More on that later. Can I still use Custom & Lookalike Audiences? Yes, you can still use custom audiences and lookalike audiences . Even if you use the conversions API, you will still be able to use custom and similar audiences.

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