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Socialnomics: It’s a People-Driven Economy

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Socialnomics: It’s a People-Driven Economy

An Illinois senator who was virtually unknown in defeated what is united kingdom phone number Hillary Clinton in 2008 to win the Democratic U.S. presidential nomination. And he used social media to do it. And he says that’s a good thing. He believes social media will save billions of hours of productivity, make companies more accountable and what is united kingdom phone number efficient, and make products and services better It could even make your own life more fulfilling and productive. Here’s an example: Sally is in a supermarket checkout line on the Fourth of July weekend. She thinks it will take 10 minutes to reach the cashier. But instead of wasting that time, she uses what is united kingdom phone number her mobile phone to check her social media updates:

She posts a message that the store is what is united kingdom phone number out of an ingredient she needs. Within minutes, a friend recommends an alternative. She learns that her daughter just aced an exam. Another friend announces she’s pregnant. She notices a Starbucks gift card at the checkout stand and what is united kingdom phone number buys it for her daughter. “This is a simple example of why social media isn’t just for teenagers with too much idle time on their hands,” Qualman says. It’s Not Just for Kids what is united kingdom phone number Anymore It’s also for the new father who wants to find a good child safety seat. Instead of searching the Internet, he searches his social media sites.


Within minutes, he sees that 14 of his friends what is united kingdom phone number bought the same child safety seat and they all recommend it highly. And it’s for the woman planning a trip to South America. Instead of scrolling what is united kingdom phone number through 400 reviews Cpa Email list by people she doesn’t know on a travel review site, she checks her social media sites. She sees that two of her friends went to Chile and rave about it. It’s what is united kingdom phone number within her budget, so she makes a reservation.

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