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Social Media Content Ideas: A Perpetual Idea System

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Social Media Content Ideas: A Perpetual Idea System

Struggling to come up with social media content? us mobile number sample Looking for a process to fuel your content creation? In this article, you’ll discover a repeatable system you us mobile number sample can use to develop a pipeline of content ideas that never ends and a four-part system to create headlines that will guide content creation for multiple social media platforms. Social Media Content Ideas: A Perpetual Idea System by Matt Johnston us mobile number sample on Social Media Examiner.

In the first column, list the general us mobile number sample demographics of this person, such as “female, 35-50 years old, who’s interested in health and wellness.” The next column should describe who this person is specifically. Give them an actual name, such as “Sandra, 40 years old, lives in Burbank, California, us mobile number sample has two kids named Ricky and Steven.” Then describe what this person’s life is like and give a little bit of their history. The idea is that you could close your eyes and us mobile number sample picture this person sitting across the table from you. The next column is where you list all of the pain points of the avatar but not just as they relate to your product or us mobile number sample service.


In the last column, describe their us mobile number sample wants and needs based on those pain points. For instance, if they don’t sleep well, they need rest. If they have a busy schedule, they need more time. I call the lifestyle map. This is where you draw a circle with five or six spokes (like bicycle spokes) coming us mobile number sample out of it. On each spoke, Cpa Email list list a core lifestyle trait of the avatar. Don’t make this too specific to your avatar. With the “Sandra” persona, you wouldn’t want to list Burbank, California specifically us mobile number sample on your lifestyle map. Not everybody in your avatar base is going to live in Burbank, California,

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