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Make Small Tweaks to Your Landing

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Make Small Tweaks to Your Landing

This is of course no different for products that are still in stock. However, many companies do not utilize all the possibilities. Showing a good stock notification on all your communication channels can ensure a higher conversion. For example, Hornbach hardware store went live in February 2021 with the Local Inventory ads functionality and saw the conversion value triple compared to the ‘normal’ Shopping ads. Clear stock notifications ensure reliability and reduce consumer doubt. The result is higher turnover and happy customers. Also read: How to start selling on Amazon [7 steps] What options/choices are there and when do you choose which option? If we look at stock notifications, the basis is of course whether or not the product is in stock.

Small Tweaks to Your Landing

More and more webshops are applying the principles of Cialdini (such as scarcity ). f we look at stock notifications, the basis is of course whether or not the product is in stock. A good stock notification for products that can still be ordered is very important and can immediately lead to an order. As a result, you see notifications such where the hope is that consumers’ Azerbaijan Phone Number will order the product immediately due to FOMO ( fear of missing out ). You will also see push notifications, which emphasize the fact that the product is almost sold out. On the other hand, you can also see the message ‘in stock’ when thousands of pieces are available. As soon as you show notifications such as ‘1000 units available’, it can actually scare the consumer and they may wonder if it is the right product.


Tweaks to Your Landing

Or don’t share stock information You can choose not to share inventory information from a competitive perspective. A stock notification with numbers of pieces says something about the way of purchasing. Is there a lot in stock? Then that can mean that you expect that there will be a lot of demand for the product. It can say something about your purchasing power or it can give your competitor ideas by buying the product in large quantities. Another reason for companies not to show an exact stock is because there is no stock link.

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