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Shorter ads and live streaming, the main trends in video advertising

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Shorter ads and live streaming, the main trends in video advertising

It is nothing new that it is said that digital advertising is the present and the future, because that is where brands are betting heavily to reach their target audiences and generate a link. Just to cite one piece of information, in 2016 the investment for this concept reached $ 72.5 billion, according to Columbia Mobile Number List data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in a report prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers. But, one of the great challenges that this advertising format has always faced is to catch users, since it is common that they do not stay long enough to reproduce more than half of the ad, they even press the skip button if they have the option . Columbia Mobile Number List

The answer may come from a study by Trusted Media Brands (TMB), which indicates that brands are increasingly betting on short videos and pre-roll content . According to the exercise, 58 percent of marketing and advertising professionals consider implementing this format in the next six months. This is interesting, since if we add it to creative elements that advertisers use in their content, such as appealing to humor, affection and empathy, to make their messages more powerful, making them shorter can give them greater chances not only of conserving the audience, but to create a bond with them.

Another format that will stand out in video advertising , according to the TMB survey carried out on a sample of agency professionals and marketing professionals in the United States, involved in digital advertising and who carry out actions in pre-roll digital video , is broadcasting Brother Cell Phone List in live streaming , as reported by 28 percent of those surveyed. The projections are not far from what the main digital and video advertising companies such as Facebook and Google are working on, since both are implementing new actions and models to attract advertisers to their platforms, where a large part of their efforts are aimed at both pre-roll video and live streaming. Even Twitter and Snapchat seek to offer alternatives to compete in this field.

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