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That Seems to Be the Only Difference

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That Seems to Be the Only Difference

Ultimately, Quantcast focuses primarily on influencing and by definition uses a data-driven attribution model. This distinguishes it from Google, which still focuses a lot on direct interaction and directly chargeable attribution; last click model. Also known as direct purchasing. However, since 2020 they have been offering a Self Service platform for the Performance Product. (Only in the US, the branding product can also be used in the Self Service platform. This will soon also be available for the rest of the EU.) You have control over your campaigns as you are used to from Google Ads, DoubleClick and Adform .

Seems to Be the Only Difference

The platform does not retrieve the data from search engines or logged in visitors from browsers and therefore continues to work independently of the largest exchange. They also now run tests to deliver completely cookieless comparable results. The platform hosts your ads, runs deals and shares current data about your target audience. Think of who Australia Phone Number you have reached and/or they have interacted with on your site. In concrete terms, they can also make your conversion data smarter. Still, Quantcast doesn’t feel complete. They can serve all kinds of media such as video, native and rich media. However, the performance of those specific products does not seem so strong compared to results from collaborations with DPG or Azerion. Which brings me to the next trend that contributes to the fragmentation: publishers who are investing in tech themselves to offer more relevant advertisements and audience segments. 2.


Be the Only Difference

The publishers enter the playing field Many large publishers, such as Spotify or De Persgroep Media (DPG), are busy behind the scenes with solutions that you can only use if you buy directly from them, or manage them. That’s nothing new of course. But as soon as you understand that because of cookieless advertising you can only use segments of Google in Google products, the world of digital advertising suddenly becomes very small. The truth is a bit more nuanced, but it is still important to delve into the development surrounding cookieless advertising. Every ad comes by definition from third-party tech and requires third-party cookies to measure it.  But it has been apparent for some time that the private deals and even the guaranteed deals in DSPs do not always work smoothly due to miscommunications between SSP and DSP.

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