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Reaching Millions With Twitter: The Whole Foods Story

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Reaching Millions With Twitter: The Whole Foods Story

Have you ever wondered how a business handles buy uk mobile number more than a million Twitter fans? Want the inside scoop from the largest retailer on Twitter? Even if you’re a small business, there’s some great insight to be gained from Marla Erwin, Interactive buy uk mobile number Art Director for Whole Foods Market. Marla was instrumental in creating Whole Foods’ acclaimed social media program and the results have been phenomenal! For example, in the first year, Twitter.com/Wholefoods gained a million Twitter followers. buy uk mobile number It has now surpassed 1.75 million people.

If you’re not familiar with Whole buy uk mobile number Foods, it’s the leading natural and organic food store in the world with nearly 300 locations in North America and the United Kingdom. Whole Foods Market is the most popular retailer on Twitter and is a leading example of Twitter’s power to build millions of relationships a single customer at a time. Here are key excerpts from buy uk mobile number our interview (you can listen to the entire exchange at the end of this article) Mike: Marla, what was the tipping point that got Whole Foods to say, “We need to get involved with the buy uk mobile number social media thing?“


I feel like social media is falling into buckets right buy uk mobile number now where people are using it for sales and marketing, people are using it for customer service, or people are using it to establish a corporate personality and corporate culture. We’re trying to do a lot of these things, and depending on the venue, buy uk mobile number one medium might have a Cpa Email list greater percentage of one of those than the other, but they all balance out in the end. The first thing that we did, even before we got on Twitter or Facebook, was just to buy uk mobile number incorporate some user-generated content on our website – recipe reviews, product ratings and so on, and comments on our blog.

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