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During 2021 it is expected that 88% of the purchase of advertising globally will be through programmatic platforms90% of auctions are conducted in real time, where ads are purchased at the same time a visitor enters a website Suppose a user visits a website that sells beauty products, but does not make a purchase. Later, you visit your favorite news site, and suddenly you see advertisements for cosmetics everywhere. These ads were possibly placed thanks to programmatic advertising.

What is programmatic advertising or programmatic advertising?

It is a type of online advertising based on algorithms, which allow you to select who a certain advertising piece will be shown to, with which it seeks to impact the target Singapore Business Phone List and influence them to take an action, such as buying a product or attending an event . It is a type of advertising that uses big batá (through the storage and processing of large amounts of data) to segment the audience and offer advertising to the right people, increasing the efficiency of advertising campaigns.

Programmatic Buying

It consists of applying artificial intelligence and big data to the bid for an advertising inventory. There are several ways to buy programmatic advertising: Real Time Biding (RTB) or offers in real time. It is the most used (in 90% of programmatic purchases). These consist of a bid in real time when a user enters a website, the visitor data is compared with the available advertisers and the advertisers that match the selected criteria are chosen Programmatic Direct or programmatic direct. It is a way to buy a guaranteed number of impressions on specific site Private Exchange buying (PMP) or private exchange purchasePublishers invite specific advertisers to bid on their ad space Benefits of programmatic marketing

Previously, advertisers placed their ads on websites that they believed matched their target audience, thereby showing the ads to all visitors to that website, regardless of CPA Email List  whether they were relevant customers or not. By using the tools of programmatic marketing or programmatic marketing this no longer occurs. And you, what are you waiting to try it?

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