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Presents the trailer for The Gifted, a series inspired by the X-Men universe

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Presents the trailer for The Gifted, a series inspired by the X-Men universe

The bet of Marvel Entertainment and Disney to fully exploit the universe of superheroes grows more and more, they do not stop presenting projects related to their characters, now they also reinforce the agreement with 20th Century Fox , which has the rights to two of its main franchises ; Spiderman and X-Men . Just last week we learned that Deadpool will not only have a second movie, but they are already preparing the development Georgia Mobile Number List of an animated series that, like the tapes, will be action and comedy … and, for adults. Well, the new content from Marvel and Fox on television will not stop there, since this weekend they presented the full trailer for The Gifted , a series inspired by the X-Men universe , which is also produced by Bryan Singer (who is behind the mutant saga in the cinema). Georgia Mobile Number List

According to media, this series follows the Legion trend , which is based on characters from ‘the house of ideas’, but does not make explicit reference to X-Men, however, it is recognized that it is connected in some way. The same can be appreciated -at least for the advance- with The Gifted , which has mutants hunted by the government but, without openly Brother Cell Phone List mentioning the pupils of Professor Charles Xavier, but connects with the mutant world by uniting a group that lives in the sewers. The marketing strategy for this series follows the trend implemented by both Marvel and DC films , which is distinguished by releasing some brief previews on social networks such as posters, GIFs or Teasers announcing that they will soon present a trailer or the premiere.

This is the case with The Gifted, which, although it had not been promoted last week, began to publish on Fox accounts and the one made especially for the television program. In this way, the Marvel Cinematic Universe grows its presence in series format, since in the future we will see Runaways, Cloak & Dagger, New Warriors & Squirrel Girl, The Defenders and Captain Marvel .

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