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It Plays A Role In Almost Everything

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It Plays A Role In Almost Everything

The corona crisis. It plays a role in almost everything we do today. Likewise in marketing. Marketing budgets are being scaled back by many companies because they are not allowed or unable to sell their products or services. Yet the current situation offers more opportunities than you think. Right now you have to get started with advertising on social media. Why? I’ll explain that to you in this article. Is the crisis leading to better results in campaigns? As an agency, we work for many different industries, some hit harder by the coronavirus than others. While some customers decided to reduce the marketing budget because they were only running on 5% of their normal turnover, other customers threw open the budget because they saw opportunities. From that moment on, we started to monitor all campaigns more closely. In a period like this one can guess in advance what impact this will have on your campaigns.

Plays A Role In Almost Everything

Over time, however, we saw some very interesting data. At one customer, Facebook lead ads lead prices decreased 85% and cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) decreased 65% year-over-year. Of course campaigns are optimized and improved, but a difference as big as this There must be more behind it! Time spent on social media increased by 34% The most Nigeria Phone Number important factor to the success of your campaign is the presence of your target group. If you can’t reach them, there’s no chance of success either. The question is therefore: what about the online media use of consumers during the corona crisis? Recent research by GfK has shown that the time spent on social networks in the Netherlands has increased by 34% during the corona crisis. Not strange in itself if one is on his own and can have little or no social contact.


Role In Almost Everything

This increase therefore ensures that the (potential) customer is easier to reach on social channels. The more time they spend online, the more opportunities you have as an organization to get their attention. Research agency Statista did a similar survey worldwide into online media consumption and this resulted in an increase of 21% when it comes to the use of social media channels. So we are more online, which makes it easier to achieve a lot of views. But what about the costs? Also read: This is how you remain visible as an entrepreneur on Instagram in corona time [5 examples] Facebook reaches lowest CPM in ages Besides the online media use of the consumer, another important factor of your campaign result is what the competition is doing. In Facebook , not only your industry peers are competitors.

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