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Starting Today the Facebook Page Organic Reach

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Starting Today the Facebook Page Organic Reach

Two days ago, Facebook unveiled a new change that would reduce Facebook page reach by up to 20% due to a change in the way Facebook calculates organic reach. But don’t panic, in fact, nothing has changed. Organic Reach Calculation Method Under the new changes, organic access, or Reach, will be calculated as “visible”. The number people .. people reached , which is located at the bottom left of the post we were shown before, means that the post was in the News Feed when the user called News Feed.

Organic Reach Calculation Method Under

In other words, the post did not have to appear on the user’s screen. For paid ads, the reach indicator counts when the ad appears on Payroll Directors Email Lists the screen. While the user is browsing the news feed. So the change, which will take effect today, means that the organic access. The calculation method is the same as the paid advertising reach calculation method. What will this change bring us? In any case, starting today, there will be a decrease in the organic accessibility of some pages. In fact, nothing will change as a result. It’s just that the methodology for calculating organic access is changing, so there should be no change in the availability of content and the number of viewers.

The Facebook Page App Will Be Updated the Report

Payroll Directors Email Lists

For the time being, Facebook posts will show the old metrics. With new metrics previous organic reach” and “New organic reach, allowing marketers. Who report their results on accessibility to keep up with the new metrics. Facebook page organic reach the Facebook page app will be updated. The report also includes an update to the Facebook page app and more detailed facebook page statistics. As you can see in the image below, admins will be able to see. The general characteristics of the page (like, reach, engagement) and the results of the post in more detail on their mobile phones.

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