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Not fasting is like not cleaning the fridge

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Not fasting is like not cleaning the fridge

Fasting is not eating. It is an ancient practice and it is china mobile phone number sample nothing new. What happens is that lately science finally begins to be interested and to demonstrate with solid and well-founded scientific studies ( study ) what human beings china mobile phone number sample have always known: fasting is as necessary as eating. In addition, it is socially fashionable. Surely you have heard about intermittent fasting on the networks , and maybe even a diet that mimics the benefits of fasting: china mobile phone number sample FMD or fast mimicking diet .

The benefits of fasting are primarily china mobile phone number sample focused on autophagy and apoptosis, mechanisms by which the body recycles cells, proteins, organelles, and metabolic waste for energy and (re) building structures. All people experience minimal autophagy in the periods between meals china mobile phone number sample (especially at night, when we are sleeping), but today it hardly happens, since we eat every 3 hours or we are encouraged to eat a minimum of 5 china mobile phone number sample meals a day. I like to compare fasting to cleaning the fridge: if you are constantly buying food and never let your fridge empty, it is likely that you will end up accumulating tuppers with spoiled food, food that is becoming withered and even bits of vegetables and food scraps that they rot in the corners of drawers china mobile phone number sample and shelves.


And we feel good about making the most of china mobile phone number sample everything. And this allows us to throw out spoiled things, replace them and even give the refrigerator a thorough cleaning so that it cools well, does not make ice and keeps all our food in good condition. Cpa Email list This is exactly what fasting does to china mobile phone number sample our bodies. What’s more, look at the amount of energy that is expended on digestion (or do you not get sleepy after heavy meals or do you just get sleepy after china mobile phone number sample eating?). With fasting, you can even experience energy surges, and not tiredness or laziness as you might imagine.

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