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No, WhatsApp is not going to change color (don’t even try)

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No, WhatsApp is not going to change color (don’t even try)

You don’t fall for this kind of thing anymore, right? Or if? Just in case, the warning is worth it: a link that circulates through WhatsApp groups around the world proposes the user to leave the classic green color for others of their choice. The offer is tempting, but you should know: in Denmark Mobile Number List reality, it is a trap that ends up introducing malicious software on your smartphone. “The link that is circulating tries to seduce the user by promising to change the app to a color of their choice,” explains El País . Those who fall into the trap must distribute the link among a certain number of groups with the excuse of verifying that it is a real user, as explained on Reddit , the network where the warning was published for the first time. Denmark Mobile Number List

You will not have a blue WhatsApp, it is a virus. The link is in Cyrillic. Once the link is distributed, the Trojan invites you to install an extension in the Chrome browser and actually installs adware, which is nothing more than adware. It is not known if, in addition to advertising, it generates some other type of problem such as the access of a malicious virus that spies on data or slows down your device. The link is written in Cyrillic and at first glance Brother Cell Phone List you can read “whatsapp.com”. The URL redirects to a website of dubious origin. The color change as a hook is very creative. These types of strategies are key when it comes to deceiving more people. At the beginning of May, the “idea” of the creators of this type of cheating was to take advantage of the fall of WhatsApp to viralize malicious software after the return of the popular application.

As soon as one of the most shared messages “came back to life”, especially in Argentina, they indicated that the WhatsApp servers were “at the limit of their capacity” and that is why the number of new users was being “limited to the maximum.” The message that the skilled data fishers sent after the WhatsApp blackout. The deception consisted of convincing users by saying that if the message was not forwarded to 10 contacts, they should start paying for the app as a way to “limit downloads” and “decongest the servers”.

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