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Their Narratives In Will Need

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Their Narratives In Will Need

There has already been a shift from written text to voice search. Hey Google! Hey Alexa! And now it’s time to take the step to visual search. The basis already exists of course, think of Image SEO, Video SEO and Pinterest for example. It’s not for nothing that visual aspects go so well in the online world, because our brain probably processes images 60,000 times faster than text! Visual search in a nutshell Visual search is nothing more than image and video search. By prioritizing the visual part of your marketing plan, you automatically end up on social media. Instagram and Pinterest are likely to lay the foundation for the future metaverse or even Wilder Worlds (5D). On Instagram and Facebook you have virtual shops and TikTok immerses itself in augmented reality.

Narratives In Will Need

And Forbes now writes weekly about the metaverse, there I read the following: Customers could visit a virtual storefront on Instagram, see an influencer use AR to promote the store offerings, and the instantly buy and convert. When you consider going from texts, audio information and manual search to visual search, we’re just beginning to Namibia Phone Number scratch the surface of future AR capabilities. Web3.0 stands for interaction Our activities on the internet are now being stimulated and managed by large central parties. Think of Facebook, Google and Amazon. The Internet revolution Web3.0 is going to change this. Decentralization, automation, transparency and more intelligent data processing will be the pillars of this new internet.


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The interaction online will increase, making it a great way to visually catch the eye for your projects too. How do you prepare? Although our (future) digital life can be quite overwhelming, I think we would do well to be open to new technology and continue to closely monitor innovative developments. We must adapt new methods and ensure that these futuristic worlds are embraced. It is actually quite strange that although we grow with the extensive possibilities that optimizations from Google, Bing & YouTube, for example, offer us, we regard metaverse as a far-from-my-bed show. As an entrepreneur, you, in any case, have no choice and you will have to go along with these changes. Research into new marketing strategies is therefore essential. You can prepare your brand for a whole new world by associating your brand with the metaverse.

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