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Motivation management as a driving force for progress

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Motivation management as a driving force for progress

What responsibility do companies, partners or environment have to motivate us? Board Members Email List Organizations must have the talent of each of their collaborators perfectly located, only in this way will they be able to offer exciting and motivating projects. A worker must feel its usefulness and added value within the processes; Board Members Email List they must feel the importance of their contribution and have sufficient autonomy to dare to innovate. You have to be prolific in thanking them and saying, “What a great job you have done. Thank you for your involvement and for your contribution ». You have to establish unique alliances with each Board Members Email List person who works with us, you have to make them fall in love by project.

They should also know who has a high level of commitment to the organization or project, who carries the DNA of the business in their veins, who is Board Members Email List essential and who makes courageous decisions when it comes to rewarding their jobs and fighting for them. Today (in my view), that of “bread for all” must end There are those who deserve it and those who do not, because there is Board Members Email List nothing that discourages more than having a partner who does not do or contributes and who is at the same level as another who leaves his skin to improve every day … Let’s not kid ourselves, it is Board Members Email List known.

Board Members Email List

And, of course, all those things that should be a “yes or yes.” Offer recycling plans, Board Members Email List adequate training that allow us to improve, transparently communicate the organization’s situation and changes, offer measurable and achievable objectives, carry out a fair and objective evaluation of performance, strive to offer Board Members Email List social goods, facilitate cpa email list  the generation of new ideas, rewarding them and a long etcetera. What is our responsibility regarding being motivated every day to our work We cannot leave our motivation in the hands of anyone, because if we Board Members Email List do we are lost, we will die trying and possibly

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