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Marketing and inclusion beyond the vowel ‘e’: How to brainstorm and create a diverse campaign

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Marketing and inclusion beyond the vowel ‘e’: How to brainstorm and create a diverse campaign

A brainstorming meeting is a good time to discuss how diversity and inclusion are managed on a team. There are people who have the upper hand; others with less initiative. Old ideas. Proposals that always sound the same. The same messages and the same content … STOP. We are going to analyze the diversity of these creative minds so that those rains, storms or hailstorms Professors EDU Email Addresses of comings work better. The first step: having a diverse workforce Fortunately, we are moving towards a more egalitarian communication thanks to the fact that we have a diverse staff. Nobody wants to be left behind. All brands want to be modern, disruptive, tolerant … and, therefore, it is increasingly common to see feminist and LGTBI friendly messagesin publicity.

This is also due to the fact that surely, in advertising agencies there is more and more female representation (visible diversity) and people who have freely communicated their sexual orientation in order to make the LGTBI collective visible (invisible diversity). But there are many diversity deficits in context and targets. Sometimes we are not as diverse as we think. Javier Benavente, president of Alares, explains it very well in his book “Stay with me! 20 keys to make your clients fall in love … and let them stay with you! “:” The market is so diverse that, for example, only one in ten people in the world is white. Now tell me, what

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percentage of white people do you have on your team? 90%, 95% 100% …? If so, how do you plan to respond to the different cultures that exist in your potential market? ”. Step two: include a truly diverse template For this reason, the real step cpa email list towards egalitarian communication and advertising is one that takes care of the content, the message, and the one that adapts it differently to each audience. To do this, you have to flee from preconceived labels. Where you see the most diversity failures is in the context of communication. As I sai

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