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Market Research as Strategy

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Market Research as Strategy

Currently there is a wide spectrum of traditional and recently incorporated techniques from other areas of knowledge to market research, and some agencies are even deciding to customize and patent their own techniques and technologies to offer them as their own brands. Some of the traditional techniques are: in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys, ethnomethodology benchmarking , and more. Among the new trends are: neuroscience applied to marketing ( neuromarketing ), remarketing (geographic information), big data , social media listening & monitoring and marketing intelligence , Austria Business Phone List among others. All the techniques and technologies available for market studies enrich the collection of information and data that add value for more accurate and effective decision-making. Even so, there are still three main methodologies from which one starts to consider the most appropriate form -techniques, technological platforms, software or web applications- to meet the objective of the study, these are: desktop research, qualitative and the quantitative one.

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With definitions from the version 3.0 (2016), of the  let’s identify each of these methodologies  Also named by various agencies as a Cabinet Study or Documentary Research . It refers to the systematic analysis and application of available secondary data in the context of the objective of an investigation. The documentary research collects available and existing data and includes: big data and information obtained from various sources such as reports, reports and analysis from official sources, companies in the sector and specialized organizations, economic censuses, statistical directories, specialized magazines, surveys and previous statistics, and so on Also called exploratory research, it refers to the analysis of motivations, thought patterns, opinion, attitude, evaluation or behavior through unstructured research techniques, such as group sessions and in-depth interviews. 

To obtain the much desired insights from the target audience (desires, feelings, anguish, needs, aspirations) some of the techniques that can be applied are: in-depth interviews, panel of experts, benchmarking , mystery shopper , focus group , anthropological and ethnographic studies and observation, neuromarketing , social media listening & monitoring, and more It is the numerical CPA Email List  representation of observations to describe and explain the phenomena that these observations reflect. This research often draws conclusions about certain populations. The numerical information gives validity, dimensioning and representativeness to the research. In this methodology we can apply: Surveys, interviews (CAWI, CAPI or CATI – online, on the dot and by phone, respectively) and studies of: positioning, habits, use, attitudes, taste and preference, remarketing, benchmarking , feasibility , among other techniques.

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