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Manage That Uruguay Phone Number

Rather focus on the motivation, needs, attitude Uruguay Phone Number or emotion of a group. That which is really important. ‘Your persona should match your audience’, or not? A golden rule in creating personas is (normally) that the personas you create match the customer base. If that isn’t diverse, you shouldn’t want to make it diverse. In Uruguay Phone Number essence, creating personas, and working with these fictitious customers, is about recognition and acknowledgment. A company that has more than 80% white, highly educated, above Uruguay Phone Number average earning men as customers is then done with personas that look exactly like this.

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That also feels limiting. Such a Uruguay Phone Number set of white personas may be proportionally representative, but it also has a blinding effect. You will not tap into new customer groups with it, because you are targeting the dominant middle group or majority of your users. From quick recognition to awareness Precisely this is, we Uruguay Phone Number think, a problem that you could turn around. So what if we do it the other way around? What if we make personas more diverse than the customer base? So that we do not follow the Uruguay Phone Number data 1-on-1, but make a conscious choice to deviate from it?

Uruguay Phone Number
Uruguay Phone Number

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Whatever you do, the effect of a more diverse palette of personas is that there is greater variation. That is a variation that actively breaks Uruguay Phone Number stereotypes rather than confirms them. You use personas in a different way than usual. Instead of rapid recognition by employees (what the psychologist Daniel Kahneman calls system 1 ofUruguay Phone Number perception about fast, automatic judgments), you move to system 2: slower and more conscious perception. You let employees and people who work with personas think about their Uruguay Phone Number customer groups and their representation. And maybe they are thinking about stereotypes and prejudice in general.

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