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Los KPIs que debes conocer antes de lanzar tu propio negocio

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Los KPIs que debes conocer antes de lanzar tu propio negocio

KPIs are understood as key performance indicators, which are used to quantify the results of a marketing strategy based on predetermined objectives, and according to Magnaglobal projections, global digital advertising will grow to 191.85 billion dollars until 2020 A well-delineated KPI will always provide an investor with a cool and analytical picture of the state of the Germany Mobile Number List companies. Insider detailed the necessary indicators that will provide a correct measurement of metrics. Customer acquisition cost. Also known as CAC, it is the amount of money you need to spend on sales, marketing, and related expenses, such as acquiring a new customer. A cost will speak to the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and the role of your company vis-à-vis your competitors.Germany Mobile Number List

The retention rate. Customer acquisition is one thing, but retaining them will be another matter, as this rate indicates the percentage of customers who continue to pay customers for a specified period of time. When there are high retention rates during an indicative period of time, the company has a product that keeps your customers satisfied, which also speaks Brother Cell Phone List of capital efficiency. The value for life. Also known as LTV, it is the measure of the net worth of an average customer to your business during the estimated life of the relationship with your company. Understanding this number, as well as its relationship with the CAC, is essential to building a sustainable business.

CAC recovery time. This KPI measures how long it takes a customer to generate sufficient net income to cover their own CAC, since their payback time will have a direct influence on cash flow, and consequently on the track. Likewise, indirect measurements of the company’s fixed expenses incurred from the number of clients. Meanwhile, revenue overhead is a reflection of a company’s capital efficiency. Understand monthly income and expenses. This will allow calculating the monthly expense of the company, since it is the net amount of cash flow for a month when the net cash flow is negative, that is, if the company starts the month with $ 100,000 of cash and ends For the month with $ 90,000 of cash, it means you had a $ 10,000 “burn rate.”

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