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Labor Charges: what they are and their influence on the payroll

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Labor Charges: what they are and their influence on the payroll

If you have a company that employs other calling german mobile numbers employees or have had your work card signed by a legal entity, you have certainly realized that the cost of an employee is not limited to the salary calling german mobile numbers he or she will receive month to month. On the contrary, an employee can sometimes cost the organization twice as much as he receives. This happens because, in calling german mobile numbers addition to the monthly remuneration, there are a series of labor charges and applied assignments that end up “bloating” the worker’s payroll .

In addition, if it is mutually agreed between the worker and the company, vacations calling german mobile numbers can be split in up to three stages, with the exception of some professions. The amount received will be equal to your normal remuneration, plus the Holiday Bonus. The Holiday Bonus or Constitutional Allowance corresponds to one third of the vacation value, calling german mobile numbers calculated on the salary remuneration. The thirteenth, also called Christmas Bonus, is a benefit corresponding to 1/12 of the employee’s salary for the last twelve months. Even if the 12 months have not calling german mobile numbers yet been completed, every worker is entitled to the thirteenth month, which will be paid proportionally if applicable.


DSR) is the 24-hour rest to calling german mobile numbers which the employee is entitled every week. This means that the employee can work up to six consecutive days, but never seven. Rest should preferably take place on Sundays, Cpa Email list but it can be changed calling german mobile numbers to another day of the week, as long as it is 24 hours – the DSR can never be paid in installments. Student server, who is entitled to calling german mobile numbers special hours in case of incompatibility between school and office hours.

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