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La Vie au Van: Camperize vans with “rustic and vintage” style is possible in Galicia

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La Vie au Van: Camperize vans with “rustic and vintage” style is possible in Galicia

The pandemic and the difficulties that arose to be all phone number list able to travel inspired Gonzalo Volunterio, an Argentine living in Galicia for more than 20 years , to buy a caravan and customize it to his liking to feel in “a house on wheels.” The success achieved by the all phone number list result among the people who saw the van (many wanted to buy it and ended up selling it) made him reflect and decided to create “La Vie au Van”, a company to which he dedicates the free time left by his job at all phone number list Inditex .

“Inspire People to Live Life in a Van”. all phone number list This is the philosophy of this 39-year-old young man who is dedicated to “camperizing” vans and caravans with sustainable materials to create “a home on four wheels”, always adding his personal touch with a “rustic and vintage style” with which people can all phone number list identify that a van “belongs to Gon,” as he himself tells it. “I do a different job than what is out there. I farm and do everything by hand and I try not to limit myself to putting a bed and a bathroom in the all phone number list van, which can be done by anyone,” but to create a home, “he explains.

To carry out this work, he does not use all phone number list anything industrial or bought in bulk, but instead opts for materials such as good quality wood that he cuts with a saw, sandpaper, varnishes and paints by hand, in addition to creating custom furniture that adapts to the space available in Cpa Email list each vehicle and original all phone number list floors, whose colors are reminiscent of the typical tiles of Andalusia or Portugal. “I create houses on wheels with rustic and vintage style and I decorate them myself because I don’t want all vans all phone number list to be the same,” he says.

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